My ears are extremely sensitive

Around the age of 8, my sinuses started progressively getting worse, making my ears constantly pop (the kind of thing you get when you’re high up), or I guess it was the thing before they popped, where everything gets a bit muffled, but this happened all the time, so I adjusted to my limited hearing, being able to hear perfectly fine with the blockage.

My sinuses have somewhat improved, my ears only block up sometimes, but whenever they aren’t blocked, everything remotely loud is painful to listen to. Usually any music I listen to is set to the lowest volume and I tend to get mild earaches just having an average-toned conversation.

It’s quite annoying so I often just hold my nose and breathe in through it (blocking them again) just so I can listen without discomfort.

I know this isn’t exactly ‘normal’ but I’m just curious how abnormal this is or at least what others may think of this, because I’ve got no clue on what to think about it...

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