My dog picked up a frog, now he's foaming at the mouth?

Did the frog emit some sort of nasty toxin,? I rinsed his mouth foam away:) what happened? will he be OK?

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  • I’m going to take a guess and assume what your dog grabbed was a European Toad, as they are the most common critter to create such a reaction.
    The toxin of a European Toad is hardly harmful, it’s job is simply to taste horrible and make whatever has it - drop it.

    He will more than likely be completely fine, if you have worries I would say to monitor him and make sure he is eating, drinking, alert, peeing/pooping.
    If anything seems odd, call a vet.

    There is a website called iNaturalist, it allows you to input your location and it will show you what animals and plants are local to you. Knowing what is in your backyard is a very important skill for life, and even more so when you have animals.

    Hope this helped !

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  • my dog has chased off many frenchmen too

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  • That always happened when any of my dogs bit a toad/frog, they where all fine afterwards. It's just a defense mechanism on the frogs/toads part.

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  • Maybe it was a toad?

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