My daughter doesn't date, want marriage or kids, IIN Im disappointed

My daughter doesn't date, want kids or a marriage when I pictured having kids I pictured her getting her first bf/gf and kids and walking down the aisle now I get none of that and Im disappointed. I didn't say anything to her because I dont want to hurt her feelings and its selfish for me to think this way IIN to feel this way. Should I tell her how I feel or leave it for her to die alone.

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  • Depends on her age. If she's a pre-teen, teenager or young adult (20's), then yeah it's normal to not want all that shit, because dating can be stressful if you don't know what you want or learn to effectively dodge crazy people. At these ages, it's more benefiting to build toward a financially stable future, rather than build a family. Eventually, that mindset may change once she catches feelings for someone, so give it time.

    If she's 40+, then maybe children and marriage aren't for her, and learn to accept that.

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    • If you're spending your teenage and early 20s years building a financially stable future I feel bad, you're missing out on a great part of life dealing with superficial societal bullshit.

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  • She might change her mind depending on her age but no one is the same so it is normal :)

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  • It's her life and her choice.

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  • in the end it's a good thing not to want kids theres too many people in this world already

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  • She's aware whether you say something or not. She is a BLESSING in your life and you should appreciate what she is on her terms not yours. Use this as a learning experience rather than judging a person who despite being your daughter is simply a different human being than you.

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  • You're traditional; she's modern. Neither is right or wrong, however you always have a right to want what any parent should get. Voice your concerns and if she vehemently refuses, well, not much you can do.

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  • It'd normal for you to have feelings about what you want for your daughter, but it's her life. It's probably best that you not burden her with what you want regarding her relationships and whether or she has children. Don't make a thing out of it and don't pressure her.

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  • You mean boyfriend

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  • I'm sorry I hope to have kids and grandchildren of my own some day, I sympathize.

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  • You've all had great responses except for Ballbusters. He should be banned for such a disgusting comment. I agree it's normal. We're all different but if it really concerns you then tell her how you feel and the dreams you had for her and your own grankids/family

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  • It is Normal to feel this way, it's normal to want to be a grandparent and to want the same love you have for your partner for your child but it's also quite Normal these days for women to choose not to have all that, be proud that she's self assured and doesn't need a man to feel valued. TBH there's far too many unwanted kids in the world already. Good for her for making that decision and sticking to it if she wasn't sure rather then having one out of peer pressure and both mother and child's life ruined from it. I can't understand how people don't want kids and would be just as upset if when my girls grow up they decide this but it it her life. And her choice. Just let her know you really wanted grandkids but first and foremost your her mum and if not having them will make her happy you will be there for her, however you could advise her too freeze some eggs in case she changes her mind... she will probably say no but it's worth saying just to put it in her head

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