My co worker gave me an embarrassing gift

My co worker gave me intimate arousal gel that says dickalicious on it. It was awkward and she told me not to take I the wrong way and we are both female and awkwardly laughed and said thank you but honestly in my mind I had a few questions but I didn't ask her the questions because I honestly don't want to know lol

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  • Sounds like sexual harassment

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  • That is a very odd gift to give a co-worker you’re not friends with. I get the impression some middle aged straight women who fancy themselves comedians don’t really understand that acquaintances don’t want to discuss penises with them. A male friend of mine was sent a “daylight savings reminder” from a straight middle aged acquaintance which consisted of a gif of a penis being swung around anti-clockwise.

    They seem to think life is one long hen night and anyone they are vaguely friendly with is an involuntary participant.

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  • It's just a funny re-gift. Don't take it so seriously.

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  • I wouldn't buy my female colleague a bunch of flowers, let alone a jar of lube...

    Unless its a special occasion like a secret santa at Christmas, or something more melancholy for example if they've had a bereavement, buying your colleague anything is creepy.

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  • Unless you guys are friends and it was some kind of an inside joke then that is extremely odd. I would not feel very happy about that and wonder to myself what is wrong with my co-worker. Maybe she thought it would be funny but that kind of gift is not something you can give to a mere co-worker. Just as creepy as if a male co-worker had given it to you imo.

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