My cats keep fighting each other

I have two rescued cats I have had for around a month and a half now.

One is a 3 month old orange cat, and the other is his mother, a 2 year old Calico, they are both desexed

At least a few times a night they fight each other and if I think they are being too rough on each other I clap really loudly which breaks them up almost immediately most of the time

they have never drawn blood or anything and they seem fine afterwards but they seem to really be fighting each other a lot

I tried to look this up but I can't seem to find anything about two related cats fighting each other, everything just seems to be about territorial aggression but I don't think that's it

not sure if this is relevant but she has recently stopped milking, but he keeps trying anyway

is this normal and is there anything I should do??

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  • It sounds like she's trying to wean him off the booby. Like all babies, he's fighting it. My mom cut me off on my second birthday and apparently I threw a huge tantrum. What a terrible birthday! Lol

    Hopefully it should calm down soon, give them time. But I would bet on it being a mother/son duo and she's trying to wean him and keep those sharp lil kitten teeth off of her.

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  • It’s normal.

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  • When cats play it can look rather agressive even when it's not.

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