My boyfriend is stupid, help

hello, i am facing a problem. i have been with my bf for a year now, everything is fine, he's amazing, he loves me very much and i love him too, he's clean, tidy, respectful, has principles and is close to his family. BUT he is a bit dumb and childish, immature sometimes, i feel like i'm his mom. he's not serious about his studies (but he loves sports martial arts black belt) he spends money like crazy on food, casino and futilities but hen i ask him to pay for the groceries or the restaurant he says he's short on money, he can't prioritize.
i love him, he is so nice to me, so caring, but sometimes i feel like i can't take it anymore.
please help, i don't want to break up with him, but i cant stay with if he's gonna be like this forever.

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  • Is he addicted to gambling? I freaking hate gambling!

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  • if you want him to grow up and mature he will, if not then you know the drill, but try speaking to him first about your worries rather than making this post behind his back

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  • I don’t think he’s wrong to continue martial arts if he’s good, we all have our hobbies, gambling too much is an issue.

    If he isn’t taking his studies seriously, what is doing for an income? I know you said he’s normally short on money, Do you think he can get a job without a degree (for some people that’s the best option.)

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  • Babe, acting childish and dumb is part of the charm (dudes mature later then chicks)

    Short on change... well up 2 u. But I believe both should pay their way.

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  • is he 25 or older. supposedly your brain actually mens brains are fully developed at age 25 and then it starts to go downhill. not sure if i believe the downhill part, but obviously he is going to be "dumb" until 25

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  • How old is he? Dont dump him. Sometimes a woman has to steer her man in the right direction. Tell him no you arent buying this.

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  • Males in general are stupid, you will never find a guy smarter than you so go on with this dump that loves you

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