My boyfriend is going to a mental hospital, how can i help?

My boyfriend and I are both in school and he's been feeling suicidal. This has happened before but he never got proper help for it. He decided that he's going to ask if he can go to a mental hospital to help himself and recover, he's self harmed in the past and has frequent episodes and he's unhealthily obsessed with me. We both understand that by him going it's gonna help both of us with our problems and our relationship will be happier when he gets back. How can I help him and myself through this? He's most likely going to go next week, and that happens to be the start of 2 weeks in a row of large, stressful assignments and tests in almost every class. It's going to be a hard two weeks for both of us with school and the hospital. How should I go about having to do possibly the hardest work of the year without his support? I'm sure we'll be able to talk but it will still be hard without him. Is there any way that I could help myself and him through this? I already have distractions for when I'm stressed but I feel like it's not going to help me the entire time he's in the hospital. All I have are my normal hobbies, a 500 piece puzzle, and 6 flowers to grow while he's gone. I'm probably overreacting out of stress because this situation has never happened before, but I need to prepare myself to be without him for awhile. Does anybody have any tips on how I can make this easier and how I can support him?

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  • It is hard to support someone, while healthily minding yourself. It is a hard balance to be good to others and also yourself at the same time.

    If you love him, go through it- If not maybe find yourself solo? All the best loves are codependent, but the codependent bad relationships are the worst

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  • Give him more stress and you're helping

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  • Minors can not date. If they are above 16, then fine. But under that, no.

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  • If you're still in school you shouldn't have boyfriends.

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  • Do you have any friends, or family you could spend time with?

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