My boyfriend chat to his female friend everyday

My boyfriend chat to his female friends everyday he told he to stop text on Facebook because I will see it he even told her there can only text on WhatsApp but he say there just friends and I need to get over it

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  • Is she attractive?

    Where theres smoke there's usually fire. I'm a guy and I know how we think and it seems very sus to me. He may not be fucking her but he's keeping her as a reserve maybe.

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  • There’s nothing inherently wrong with having opposite-sex friends but if your BF’s trying to hide her away from you, that’s definitely weird. I don’t think that’s normal.

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  • Opposite gender friends are normal. It would be sus if he only has women friends. I know a guy who only befriends women and hes flirted with me a ton of times and ended up sleeping with the woman hes been friends with the longest as soon as she got dumped and was lonely. They are no longer friends. He says she used him but I dont know, he kinda tried to use me when he got dumped the last time so... Thats more in his nature. I think men who only has women friends or way more women friends than male friends are doing it for validation and thats not just platonic validation.

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  • Not normal. You need to break up with him. As a man, he shouldn't be thinking about other women. He SHOULD, however, be thinking about war.

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  • normal. Back in college I used to hang around with these 2 people, a guy and a girl. We were all friends, then they started "going out" and I hated seeing them kiss and stuff and being the "third wheel" while it's all about them. I did not like him in that way at all or think he was attractive at all. But she made him stop being friends with me. Even though I was friends with him first. She was a psycho bitch. Don't be like her.

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  • Has he given you any reason to be suspicious of this friendship?

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