My bf goes out w his friends when i'm at his house

Is it normal for my bf to go out w his friends when I'm at his house? I don't go out out w them cuz I'm 18 and he's over 21... but he doesn't rly ever go out. He will hang with his friends sometime and keep me at home. Is that normal? I saw in his texts that his friends wanna go out Saturday night.... but I'm gonna be with him all this weekend and that's how it always is. Like I spent Wednesday - Sunday with him... idk

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  • If you are living with him every Wednesday to Sunday that's totally normal. It is likely the only time he can see his friends is then, and even if not, it is unreasonable he will spend 100% of every weekend with you

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    • But he like doesn't do anything with me when he's here.. and then he says oh ya I'm gonna go with my friends, after he says he didn't want to do anything all weeknd

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  • Be Should spend time with you according to your needs. He should be thinking of you first

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