My art teacher is mixing something in the paint and clay

Couple things, one I think he mixes the paint with rotten milk or something cause that's what it smells like. Worse though is the community clay barrel which smells like sewage. I don't even want to guess what's in the glue. Is it normal for art teachers who probably don't get paid much to do this? Are the materials coming out of his budget or something?

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  • You do know what clay is right? The smell comes from bacteria (that could be added) to make it more like plastic.

    Could also be mixing the paint with additives to lower/rise its viscosity.

    Hate to break it to you but art isnt a medical grade clean environment. Hell I used lambs blood to paint once (cool art teacher allowed) reeked to hell but a few layers of varnish locked that in.

    Btw that blood painting was "mary HAD a merry lamb." Got 100 dollars for it from a goth-satanic friend. Good times.

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  • My first thought was "that's kinda what paint and clay smell like..."

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  • I guess clay still smells like earth

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  • I used to sell art and the raw smells you're describing are pretty normal.

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  • It's not normal, paint should be mixed together on a palette, not with a smelly substance, perhaps the teacher has gone too far with teaching you to be some freak and couldn't be bothered not making paint smell like sour milk, or clay like sewage, it's odd, as if you think about it, school's an odd thing.

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