Music of this crazy world

The whole time since a Muslim converted me to Islam in my experiment with religions I wanted to be some kind of Muslim, Puritanism's addictive but I don't believe in religion that interferes with my sex life, yuck, I don't agree with it, I believe in religion with no rules and no censorship (like Stephen King).
So in this Muslim world I was listening to/getting an app for Muslim music which is beautiful, naturally my use of religion has always been lawless, I got tired of their so-called "rules".
I can eat bacon and ham if I want because Ishikism is a Muslim sect that has no restrictions.
The result of this music is I listened to it for the first time, I can even watch private films like women's privates, and even play golf and card games, and I can watch any films I want, entertainment if I want, be lazy if I want and do anything I want on any day, even Saturday and Sunday, that I want and eat exactly what I want without these controlling devices they used throughout history, total freedom, and Christians don't accept this, they're trying to control me.
Is it normal?

Is It Normal?
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  • Do you actually believe in Allah, or are you just using your religion as an excuse to do whatever you want? That just sounds like being agnostic or atheist.

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    • Yes I believe in Allah, and the only thing I'm excusing is actions of what's morally right, freedom's no excuse, I learned on that it's submission, and that we're the devils in ourselves, besides religion stole morals from me and you against what we thought was right. I don't behave as a religious doctrine, my morals are: be radically about us and not myself, to the point of being the same as you, to the point of helping myself and others, and being good to us, be thoroughly lowly, greediness (not overeating or undereating), no abuse, no violence, no stealing, no killing people, don't be an arsehole, and so forth.

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