Movies or series on netflix i should watch?

Hi, I don't currently have anything, that I would love to watch on Netflix, can you recommend to me anything you like?

Here's the list of shows I watched and liked (not exclusively on Netflix):
- I'm not okay with this
- Sex education
- End of the f***ing world
- Lockey & Key
- Queens Gambit
- The Haunting of Hill House
- The Haunting of Bly Manor
- Money Heist
- Sweet home
- Black mirror
- Dark
- Ash vs. Evil Dead
- Punisher
- Better Call Saul
- Breaking Bad
- Love Death Robots
- How to sell drugs (fast)
- Happy!
- Final Space
- Disenchantment
- Don't f**k with cats
- Mindhunter
- Brooklyn 99
- Peaky Blinders
- Game of Thrones (HBO)

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  • trailer park boys

    you fuckin greasy mustard tiger

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  • Dark is a masterpiece.

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  • I've watched a lot of what's on your list, so maybe our tastes aren't that different. Anyone who liked Happy! has to be at least somewhat similarly weird.

    Have you seen Archer? I wouldn't say it's consistently brilliant, but I found most of it pretty damn funny. Netflix has all of the series apart from the recently released final one.

    How about The Umbrella Academy? As bizarre and utterly implausible as any series based on a comic book series, but I found the characters engaging.

    I find Ricky and Morty amusing - in small doses.

    I thought The Witcher was pretty good.

    I Am Mother is a film rather than a series, but I thought it was well done.

    The Good Place is funny with characters I could relate to, and surprisingly deep with a lot of philosophy slipped in.

    Lucifer is just daft, but it has the gloss of good American TV series, and Tom Ellis is very good as the central character.

    Most of the series I've watched recently that I really enjoyed and have stuck in my mind were on Amazon Prime. In no particular order, the ones I really liked were: The Expanse, Bosch, The Boys, Falling Water, The Tick (sheer "super hero" silliness), Preacher, Forever, Mr Robot, Upload, The Man In The High Castle, Watchmen, Doom Patrol, Westworld, Elementary, Perry Mason and Lie To Me.

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    • Thank you, it seems like we really have similar taste! I haven't seen Archer, but I will add it to my list.

      The Umbrella Academy looks like a thing, I would love to watch right now!

      I have seen some series you mentioned, like Rick and Morty, The Witcher, Westworld and Mr Robot, just forgot to type them on the list.

      Anyways, thank you so much for so many ideas and have a great weekend.

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  • Cobra Kai

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    • Thanks! Looks really good, I’m gonna give it a chance ❤️

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