Movies don't hold my attention

Is it normal that I'll start a nostalgic movie- or any movie I've seen before, and get unitersted half way through? The idea of watching the movie excites me and I'm all for it, but once I get half way through I'm over it. Does any one else do the same or feel the same.

I'm not really not a movie person because my attention span is no good, I literally don't watch shows longer than 20mins, and I definitely don't do commercials.

I really want to watch movies from my past(I just got Disney+) but I just can't sit for the whole thing

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  • Our screen society prohibits anything from holding your attention for any length of time. When was the last time you read a book?

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  • First of, is there anything in your Life that is stressing you out? Or something you need to complete or deal with? Explore other parts of your Life first. Also, if you aren't able to finish movies. Try going on YouTube where you can find videos that are shorter and interesting for your liking.. Like watching 20min Documentaries, Real Life Videos, Learning something new about the Earth, funny prank videos, watch Vloggers who live their lives, learn about idk Aliens and ancient artifacts discovered. -I had the same issue and once I started to watch YT vloggers it was captivating where people would share their life stories and experiences.

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  • Holly molly did I write this? Yes!

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  • I almost fall asleep when i try to rewatch ghibli films so it's normal.

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  • You have a valid comment. Good movies... that have a compelling story line for their entire duration are rare...

    I cannot tell you how many movies I see where after about 10 or 15 minutes I can predict the ending (and some after just 5 minutes). Such movies are rarely engaging after that. Historical ones or certain drama's can be; and are rare.

    An example of what I consider a good one: Recently I re-watched (several times) with my wife "All the Presidents Men" - about Watergate (which you might think is old history and boring - its not; and I'll argue that its very relevant today). I was a teenager during Watergate so I actually recall the news and the developing story - and know the ending.

    I had also seen the movie when it came out (and read the book prior to that).

    My wife is from Eastern Europe and this history and movie was new to her... and she was totally amazed that the people even talked to the reporters; and more amazed that the reporters were not quickly killed, or at least left severely crippled and unable to function.

    Yet, it was still an engaging movie this past week... even the 2nd time through. There are so many details to be found.. and its all based on history and used the actual investigative reporters notes from the time and also used interviews and guidance of most of the actual reporters and supervisors (and from some of the people who were interviewed) - all to be sure they got it right.

    If anything Roger Ebert criticizes the film for being too totally correct about how a newsroom and reporters function (it "is truer to the craft of journalism than to the art of storytelling, and that's its problem."). He also admits that its probably the best movie ever made about how journalism and newspapers actually worked (in its day) - and is better about that than anyone could expect.

    So I feel your frustration with so many movies. The good news is that there are indeed some good ones out there...

    I wish you best with your movie search...

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  • I feel the same way towards superhero movies.

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  • Some of the old ones no longer hold the same attention as it did years ago.

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  • I have mixed feelings about Disney.

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  • I never rewatch anything. I already know what happens so why bother?

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  • Let it go

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