Moved but miss family

Obviously it's normal to miss your family but I sometimes wonder if I made the right call - I think I did.

I had to move out of the area where I lived for a long time, where all of my family was. But my mental health was deteriorating because the people in the area are awful and quality of life is not the best (there's no nature, which I prefer to be around.. and cost of living was going up when the area was not getting better. Old apartments that were overpriced etc) And it was also getting dangerous - every time I went out, I had to actively avoid aggressive and dangerous drivers. If someone thinks you looked at them the wrong way, they'd try to run you off the road. It was horrible. The area was never really like that but it changed dramatically in the past few years.

So I packed up and left and moved about 2-3 hours away. I miss my family and I feel bad for leaving them, but I had to do it for me. I was becoming a very angry and miserable person because of how the area has become. Since I've moved, my mental health is SO much better and I'm much, much happier.

There was no better reason for me to move (I didn't move for a job or anything). I just did it because I felt I had to. I feel like maybe my family doesn't fully understand that even though they try to. I've been open and honest with them about it all and they were sympathetic.

Is it ok to feel a little bad? I don't feel the need to move back, ever. I'm just sorry things became so volatile in that area.

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  • depends on whether thats your parents or your wife and children

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    • lmao yeah my parents, grandmothers, aunt, uncle

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  • 2 or 3 hours is actually my preferred distance. I moved at 17, 1600 miles away, for 15 years that was the closest I would ever get.

    Sometimes I'd be halfway around the world. My job and schooling were the main reasons. Then I finally got the chance to live with-in 6 hours. Then back to the same area. I couldn't deal with living that close to family and the area I left, so, I settled in about 3 hours away. It was perfect.

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  • The only thing I miss about my hometown is the cheap appartments. Everything else is better where I am now. I even like the weather here more.

    It's not like the appartments are *that* much more expensive here anyways. Combine that with the better paying jobs, and you get a happy PurpleHoneycomb.

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  • Oh it’s no different elsewhere.

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  • I grew up in a small town and moved an hour away for work. Then that small town became the fastest growing city in my state for years. When I go back to visit my parents I dont recognize the place. I went to the walmart and saw some chic walking around in a burka. Then I bought something and the cashier didnt speak english. I asked him to call the manager and the manager had like down syndrome or something (diversity hire I suppose)

    I said wtf is going on with this place. Then I go to the parking lot and see some kids with rainbow shirts get out of the car. I look at their license plates it says California.

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