Money makes me scared of my fixations

I look around my room and see an abundance of trinkets and figures. I originally bought them because I liked them; they made me feel happy to have them. Most of them cost no more than $5.00, but seeing them now makes me fear that I could have used that money on something better than colored plastic that does nothing. I could've had more space in my room if I knew the thought of money would ultimately ruin my desire to be fond of something.

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  • Great! You have just realized something about value and what matters in life.

    Don't be upset... it's a phase that many people go through. Just come to terms with the lesson and move forward...

    You might wish to keep the best of the best items as memories.

    In the end all we have is our memories of things we did... and having reminder items for the good memories is all we need.

    I need to do another round of de-cluttering my house as many of the things from my past are just taking up space - and I doubt I would ever return to doing those things again.

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  • Yeah, I think that's normal. It's good that you've had an epiphany. You might be interested in browsing some reddit pages such as:

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  • Figure out what you want then start a fund for it. You could use cashapp or something and just make it automatically take 15-50 a week out of your check. Before you know it you have the money for it and you didnt blow it on other crap

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