Mom wants to "torture" son

My brother has done something really serious and concerning for his age, the dynamics of what happened are confusing and his version in unlikely to be true (for objective factors). My mother's response is to humiliate him: she has been screaming at him for at least 40 minutes trying to get the truth out of him. She said he's selfish, unappreciative we (me and my brother) ruined her life. She then decided that she will spend this Christmas making him study as long and possible (one problem we have is that he should learn to study on his own at this point, but he still does it with my mother, and I'm actively trying to get him to be more independent), she said that she "must martyr him", because she's "tired of always being the martyr", so she has told him she will write what he has done to his class and to his professor, that is his friends call to play with him on the computer she will tell them what he has done.
I'm sorry this more of a vent.

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  • depends on what he did

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  • what did he do

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  • Not normal, she could just give him a little testicle spanking

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  • What did he do?

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  • Professor? Is he retarded?

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  • It doesnt sound that bad. What sounds kind of cruel is that she is going to tell his classmates what he did to hurt his reputation.

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  • I’m not gonna lie. Y’all kids today are a bit too precious.

    Being that you can’t even say what he did, it was probably pretty bad.

    Kids are fucking weird and definitely go through phases. It’s parents job to teach the child what the consequences are for the actions they take Bc that’s what happens in the real world.

    I’m sure it seems excessive right now. Just be there for him and remind him that not all actions as a child make you the adult you turn out to be. Best of luck.

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  • We can’t really comment on this situation with so few specifics but what I will say is that I’m sorry you’re dealing with such a dramatic and tumultuous home situation.

    It is not your fault that your brother did what he did. It is also not your fault that you cause your mother stress, every young person on this planet causes their parents or carers stress. It does not make you a bad person and it’s not fair for your mother to tell you that you “ruined her life”.

    You don’t mention your age but if you’re under 18 there may be charities in your area that offer free support and advice for young people over the phone or via online chat. The main one in the UK is Childline and they help people up to their 19th birthday.

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