Mom's skin cancer

My mom has a few spots on her and she's had one or two cut off that came back as skin cancer. She's about to go in December and get another one cut off but she has a few more that might be cancerous. Anytime I bring it up she blows it off like it's no big deal and they will just cut them off.

I feel like having any cancerous stuff on your body is a really big deal. I didn't know until recently how common skin cancer is with light skinned people. I worked outside for years and all the older guys had gotten some cut off them at least once. But I haven't heard of continuous occurrence of these cancerous spots not being a big deal. Cant it spread? I have young kids and it's really just too early for her to kick the bucket now I'm a bit worried.

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  • Yes it can spread. I had a relative who had his nose removed. It’s good she’s getting hers checked and removed early on, or if she isn’t she needs to. He tried to treat his with natural remedies.

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  • That last sentence. Have you told her you don't want your kids to mourn their grandma too soon?

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