Mom involved with every single conversation i try to have with dad why?

Mom is 88 Dad 87 I have been trying and trying to possibly talk with dad, but mom always find a way to barge into the conversation.

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  • At that age, and depending on how long they have been together, a lot of couples feel if you talk to one you're talking to both. They fill in each other's thoughts and finish each other's sentences. They almost think as one, however, one is normally more dominant than the other. The submissive one normally doesn't even think about it. It's just a way of life for them.

    If you do try to separate them and have a conversation without the other, especially if it's the more dominant one left out, there is kind of a paranoia that they can feel. If possible always include both.

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  • When my mother was alive she was always afraid that I would get dad to smoke weed.

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  • Maybe she's jealous, or paranoid that ya'll are gonna do stuff she doesn't like?

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