Microsoft purchasing activision-blizzard

Is it normal to feel that Microsoft's acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is a borderline monopolistic practice?

I suppose Disney is also practicing similar strategies but this particular post is in reference to the recent news about the Microsoft purchase.

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  • Hopefully microsoft can fix activision blizzard and make it a somewhat clean company.

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  • I hate the idea I buy a computer and they say the operating system still belongs to microsoft, no ITS MINE I paid for it and own it, then they force upgrades on it as they did not get it right in the first place. If I did not get my job right, I would not have a job. DUH!

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  • Not really. The purchase makes them the 3rd biggest in the industry, still behind Sony and Nintendo. So definitely not a monopoly. I'd start worrying when they decide to purchase EA.

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