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So I live in student housing. They put 3-5 people in a unit. However, some of us clean and some dont. I specifically clean the most as I dont want rats but everyone is constsntly leaving piles of dishes in the sink for days on end. Recently I got a new job and been at work more often and also joined a church group but if I dont constsntly clean a lot of times it just kind of turns into a big mess. We have a group chat but a lot of times when a suggestion is made whoever is doing it says screw off. So like I not sure how to adress any of this? Some context most of the people in this house living off mommy/daddy money.

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  • Nothing you do will change other people’s behavior.

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  • It's a fact of life that you can't change other people's behaviour. The only things in your power to control are your behaviour and how you respond to their behaviour.

    It's also a fact of life that there are plenty of selfish, inconsiderate people who believe the world owes them a free ride, and who will happily take advantage of anyone who's willing to do work that they should rightfully do.

    I'm obviously not clear on what exactly the arrangements are in your housing and what's possible and what isn't, but if the situation is as I imagine it to be, then I'd suggest that you take care of your stuff and stop worrying about everyone else's stuff. Have your own set of cooking and eating equipment, clean it when you've finished cooking and eating your meals, and take it all into your room.

    As for rats, I think you'd have to be living in pretty ghastly student accommodation for this to really be a potential problem. So I suspect you're being over-dramatic on that point.

    Take care of your room and your stuff, and leave the rest of them to live in a pigsty if that's what they want.

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    • Okay that doesnt work since everyone has to deal with insects and rats. Not just one person. They already left the trash out and it started attracting insects and leaving mold in the fridge. Which has gone away since I started cleaning everything.

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