Men: smart looks vs muscular build

21M business student here again. Just thought I would ask if most women appreciate smart looking guys or muscular guys more. I went to the gym today to fix my winged scapula (caused by too much studying) and boy did I end up confidence broken after seeing the muscles of the other dudes.

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  • There’s no such thing as “most women”...

    They, like men, all have completely different taste.

    The sooner you figure this out the sooner you’ll relax and get laid.

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  • People generally prefer others that are in good shape. Being in-shape doesn't prevent you from being or looking smart. For some reason we try to downplay the work muscular men put in to achieve their form just to appease the insecurities of men that aren't willing to put similar work in and I find that pretty disrespectful to the men that put the work in to get their bodies. If you want the same gratification then you have to put the same work in.

    In-shape men will definitely win the fancy of women easier. That said, most men aren't gym-bros so you're comparing your body to a minority of men in the world that majority of women won't interact with.

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    • dudes on a discord server that sound like little puny dudes and ttalk about how girls love for them to be bottoms and eat their own cum. I think they just say that to make themselves feel better

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  • You can be in good shape and look sharp too.

    Good shape does not have to mean huge obvious muscles...

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  • looking smart doesn't mean you are smart. being muscular doesn't mean you aren't smart. i'd prefer muscular because at least they are in shape, and take care of their body. and they don't have to be super buff, just in shape.

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  • Big cox.

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  • Muscles are a turn off I prefer smart looking men

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  • If you really do want an honest opinion about yourself, there's a subreddit specifically dedicated to getting that sort of information. You would think that the people there would be inclined to lie, but people often get honest opinions.

    The general consensus is that as long as...
    A: You aren't fat.
    B: You have clear skin.
    C: You aren't medically deformed.'ll at least rank a 5.

    If you really are concerned about your appearance you need more than "Do people prefer this or this?" Go browse r/RateMe even for a little bit and you'll see each person, with the exception of the very attractive women, are getting varying responses regardless.

    The most common responses from women (or even men attracted to men) is that facial hair, hair styling, and clothing go a long way.

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  • Muscular guys

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  • I think there are people out there who are both muscular, and intelligent looking. I'm not a fan of King Kong types, or squirrelly, little, nerdy types.

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  • It doesn’t matter. Just as long as they’re more masculine than me and can carry a conversation.

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