Men shaving their legs

Man to shave their legs. I like the way my legs look and feel after I shave them

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  • I don't think it's normal. Although, I know guys who gym who shave their hair and body builders when they show off their huge calf muscles.

    I spoke to a guy who asked me for advice on how to remove hair from his legs because he felt people stared at his super hairy legs when he wore shorts. I was strongly against it, I said it's natural, you don't have to conform to the idea of those plastic dolls you see on TV. If you are comfy in your hair, own it, it's natural!

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  • Gaybo confirmed

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  • I find body hair on men to be unattractive so i support that.

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  • gay

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  • Of course it is! Do whatever you want. It's your body and your body hair

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  • Yeah ! Why not ?

    I'm the opposite :
    I'm a man and I like my legs with body hair !

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  • Meh, normal. I prefer when my boyfriend shaves his body. It feels soft, smooth, and there's no sweaty smell.

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  • I don't know anymore. So yeah, sure, whatever you want. Don't seem like it'll hurt anybody.

    You know what? You should get an IG account, buy a short skirt and post naughty pics. I'm sure you'll feel special.


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