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Ever since i wad a small child growing up I've always witnessed things of the abnormal . My parents used to tell me that it was just my imagination this went on for years. Now that I am grown and out of the house my mother and father had told me the things that I've witnessed and saw and heard was true. Till this day I still Witness and experience things nobody else sees or hears. I've had also experience premonitions of things before they happen or after it has happened I would see it in first person to let other people know how it happened. This doesn't happen often....but when it does it usually makes me dizzy and sick before it happens and then I don't know who to tell where to go or what to say to anyone that will understand so I usually keep it to myself but I want to know am I crazy ?do I have a gift ?what do I do? Is there anybody out there in the same situation that can help?
I've also brought peace to a family which is a friend of mine who everyone thought he committed suicide .the very next day after his funeral when I went to sleep I seen his eyes what really happened and brought peace to the family what really happened all I did was tell them what I saw in the dream and everything made sense.

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  • Not sure what advice to give you; but you're neither crazy, nor alone. There are plenty out there with gifts they're unsure about and keep secret.

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  • I don't think I'm qualified to say whether you have a gift, or some affliction of the mind. I do think that you should endeavor to consult professionals of both medical and the spiritual expertise.

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