Mario the idea vs mario the man

Everyone knows Mario is cool as fuck. But who knows what he's thinking? Who knows why he crushes turtles? And why do we think of him as fondly as we think about the mythical (nonexistent?) Dr Pepper. Perchance. I believe it was Kant who said "Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play." Mario exhibits experience by crushing turts all day, but he exhibits theory by stating "Lets-a go" keep it up, baby! When Mario leaves his place of safety to stomp a turty, he knows he may die. And yet, for a man who can purchase lives with money, a life becomes a mere store of value. A tax that can be paid for much as a rich man feels any law with a fine is a price. We think of Mario as a hero, but he is simply a one percenter of a more privileged variety. The lifekind. Perchance.

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  • Not to mention the hoarding of wealth and monarchist boot licking
    The bourgeois Mario and his ruling class Princess Peach upholding auth ideals over the Toad proletariat - versus - the revolutionary Bowser and vanguard Koopas waging militant liberation fronts
    I see the vision my friend I see the vision

    All I know for sure is Yoshi is a Libertarian and Daisy is a socialist

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    • Putting in a grueling day's work for low pay at a capitalist job is a violation of human rights, completely evil, and corrupt

      Putting in a grueling day's work working for the government for the chance to stand in a 3-hour line waiting for your bread ration to (possibly) be distributed to you that day is noble, empowering, and is what will eventually save the western world

      I've never understood why pro-socialist people hate the idea of working for obscenely rich capitalists but love the idea of working for obscenely rich politicians and military police who will more than likely detain you under false pretenses for uttering something under your breath in private that could possibly be misconstrued as anti-statist

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      • The “bread-line” bullshit is old McCarthy-era nonsense. The USSR had a higher caloric intake per citizen than the United States, Americans didn’t out-eat Russians until 1985. Only after the fall of the Soviet Union did caloric intake plummet by hundreds of calories. This is western-backed fact. Since anything I say will be called “propaganda and false”, I’m forced to use Western words only.
        Other socialist nations have been attacked by such insane sanctions and coups and wars and terrorism from the West only for westerners to point at them and ask why they don’t have white picket fences.

        If the politicians are obscenely rich they are acting as capitalists. Politicians being obscenely rich has no standing in socialism and certainly not communism. There are countless examples of Soc/Com nations whipping their straying politicians back into shape, or eliminating them all together.

        There’s a common phrasing among the older generation here in Russia, “In the USSR we had all the wealth in the world, but there wasn’t much to buy (due to sanctions and isolation), in Russia we have plenty of options but no one can afford it”
        I see this in Western nations. America, because I have spent time there, has entire supermarket aisles designated just to cereal brands - yet they have millions of children living in poverty.

        I’m not sure why working class capitalists hate themselves so much they get pissed when we say they should have what they are owed. Profit is wage-theft. You can vote out and overthrow politicians.
        The second half of your last paragraph is again something that is blown out of proportion, and if it did happen would be clearly a mistake/corruption which happens in every system ever.

        Capitalism literally builds off corruption and predatory practices, monopolies, stepping on your neighbor to get a leg up, why the hell are socialists being shrieked at ?

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        • Socialists are still being shrieked at mainly for the fact that socialism has never failed to completely decimate a country's economy and standard of living, and people are still pushing for it. Capitalism's not perfect. I'd never make that claim. If, when you say socialism you actually mean the Nordic Economic Model (which only retards think is actual socialism), then either use that term or provide a single example of socialism improving things as opposed to ruining them

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          • Wroooong wrong wrong. I’ll give you one example of many.
            Thomas Sankara, the Marxist revolutionary in Africa that NATO France murdered with a military coup in 1987, built the most prosperous reign Burkino Faso had ever seen to date. Liberating the African citizens from French imperialists, making the country completely self reliant on food, built the most medical facilities ever, liberated women, appointed women to government positions, and had the greatest women’s rights movements in African history, the first to claim AIDS an epidemic, massive education movements brought to an illiterate country, cereal production rose by 75%, tens of thousands of children saved by his vaccination campaign, and is still today celebrated by the people there. Schools, rails, removed the dependence of the Faso people on foreign aid that went nowhere, planted over 10 million trees that combated desertification, school attendance quadrupled, infant mortality rate cut in half, outlawed polygamy / forced marriage / female genital mutilation. Sold all of the luxuries of the former oppressive government, humbled all government officials.
            Sankara was an absolute beaming light for his people, “Africa’s Che”

            The Red Army liberated the Russians from a monarchy, gave the freedom of self determination to Finland, Ukraine, all countries within the Russian Empire. Gave land to the people who worked it, gave opportunities to everyone, you were based on /merit/ and merit alone. No having your mommy pay your way into a position. A majority of every ex-USSR countries say they wish they could return to the days of the USSR. I could talk about the Soviet Union for hours, but there is too much to just list out blindly.

            When I speak of socialism I speak of it in the temporary sense. “Socialism is the first phase of Communist society”.
            I am a communist not a socialist.
            I do not focus on Europe or the West much, if I can be honest. But the death of Western consumer culture and imperialism, gluttony, over consumption, frivolity, is an absolute necessity for the survival of the East and global South.

            Western Capitalism is destroying hundreds of millions of people. I beg you to think of the consequences of the West on resource producing nations, on nations of energy wealth. Your capitalism is suffocating 3rd world countries to inflate the bubble that Westerners wish to live in. I believe in the empowerment of the working class of the West. Bringing jobs back to these countries. Self sufficiency for all nations. But one of my prevailing pushes for socialism in America is begging for Western capitalism to stay the hell out, and quit coup’ing 3rd world nations attempting to unify their people. Western capitalism pushes against innovation in order to keep holds on the slave and impoverished classes within their own country’s and abroad. There is a reason they offer grain, not farming equipment, as aid. It’s forced dependency.

            I fear when I mention this side of the push. Westerners think I am trying to destroy their way of life. Whatever. I will quote Sankara, “we must choose either champagne for a few, or safe drinking water for all”

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        • Dammit this is a post about Mario and it’s 2 am

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  • I thought Mario may be a sociopath, but then I played Odyssey. After hearing him go "wahoo" for something like 50 hours, even while running around in a modern city around other people, I have concluded that, nope, he actually is living in fantasy land, hopped on actual, real mushrooms.

    Everyone just deals with it because he's so convenient to have around when things go wrong. Luigi's a lot healthier and more stable, but still likes to get into those mushrooms with his brother every now and then. That's why they're seen *together* in relatively few games. Mario's on shrooms even when he hasn't eaten any.

    And yeah, every time they are seen together, Luigi is extremely high the entire time, just so he can match how Mario is normally.

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  • You’d think he’d lose some weight jumping on all them turts.

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  • super mario!!!!!!

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  • Why do I feel like I've heard this before?

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  • You can't fool me. I know about this meme.

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  • His mind is constantly fixated on committing arson. If you were to read Mario's mind you'd find nothing but urges to do damage and racial slurs

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