Manufacturing things out of treated bodily debris

I have this idea.

It should be possible to recycle things your body produces that normally go to waste - either for manufacturing or for research purposes. Things like toenail clippings, underarm hair, nasal mucus, bits of hard skin from the bottom of your heel... even milk teeth.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Yes, it's gross to imagine buying something that's essentially made of someone else's toenails, but the raw material could be cleaned, disinfected and processed into something that didn't even resemble its original form. For example, there's a lot of calcium in teeth, and once your milk teeth come out you're never going to need them again. Why should it go to waste? Imagine if the calcium in discarded teeth could be used to make calcium carbonate instead of limestone mined from the ground in big mines that were once habitats for local fauna? We're basically bespoiling the whole earth of its natural resources at this stage, and if we recycled human waste more creatively we might be able to do it a bit less.

Imagine if instead of defaulting to razing forests to the ground in order to produce paper products, it was possible to manufacture papyrus using donated hard skin from the bottom of people's heels that they would have exfoliated off and discarded anyway?

Is this idea completely and utterly wacko, or could there to be something to it?

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