Male brazillian waxing

I am a trans woman and still have my male parts. I regularly go in for full Brazilian waxing sessions. I'd be curious to get an idea of how many males in the forum have or have not gotten a full Brazilian waxing. This includes the pubic bone area, penis, scrotum, and "between the cheeks" What was your experience like?

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  • Gillette works just fine for me.

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  • oh god , he's having his tongue cut off.

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  • three types of women pretenders exist , those with a penis larger than mine , those with a penis smaller than mine and those that were sexually mutilated. are you implying to us with your words that the junk is coming off at some date ? I will remind you that it was you that opened and invited this conversation with the details you provided . none of my business right?

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    • I am what we refer to as a pre-op trans woman. while I am on hormones and have not yet had any SRS surgery, I will be having my tastes removed within the next few months. Because the risks outweigh the benefits, this is all I am planning on having done. I will not be looking to get a vaginoplasty......and although I am completely open about my gender identity, I fail to see what relevance this has for a simple waxing question.

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