Loud noises make me homicidal

My family plays music and tv at high volume and it makes me so angry i want to barge into the room and smash their skulls and the tv.

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  • I’d definitely get annoyed, perhaps even very annoyed but I certainly wouldn’t bash any skulls especially if they are family.

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  • If you smash anyone's head you will end up in prison, and ain't nobody gonna be quiet to make you comfortable there.

    Go buy yourself some earplugs.

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  • The "Smash their skulls" part gave me a giggle lol.

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  • Autism seems to be a bitch

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  • I had a similar problem with my neighbours once. So I bought the loudest speaker system I could find, plugged them into my laptop and put a dubstep track on an endless loop. I then left town for the day and when I came back I think they got the message.

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