Lost my virginity and can’t stop thinking about it

I lost my virginity and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s been a week and I’ve been fantasizing about it every day. Is this normal?

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  • Just do it again. Sex isn’t this massive thing that changes you forever and virginity is an outdated concept anyway.

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  • From what my therapist told me, it’s completely normal to think and/or dream about my first sexual experience, cause it’s the first person you felt close to on an intimate level. This is about 7 years later and I’m very happy with my partner, yet I still do think about that person.

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  • Extremely normal.

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  • In most cultures, having sex for the first time is considered a significant event and an important milestone on the road to full maturity.

    If it was enjoyable enough for you to continue to fantasise about it, you should consider yourself fortunate. Almost everyone remembers their first time, but often in a cringey or even a very negative way.

    Like any physical activity, it generally gets better with practice and experience, so that's something for you to look forward to. Which is not to say that it will always be fantastic. As with many things in life, most of the time it will probably be okay, and sometimes it will be amazing because all the factors involved are perfect. But there will be other times when it's pretty meh, or you might even regret agreeing to do it after the event.

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  • Is your refrigerator running?

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