Long term unemployed to receive $550 extra each pay

Stimulus packages to help struggling people during the coronavirus pandemic would see long time unemployed who dont want to work receive an extra $550 every pay to spend on drugs, while people receiving a disability support payment who want to work receive $0 extra each pay.

I understand people becoming redundant from employment because of the coronavirus needing help, but long term unemployed needing extra funds yet vulnerable disabled people and those on a vet pension for fighting in the war apparently dont need extra funds.

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  • How does one go about getting this $550 for drugs?

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  • The idea of fixing how the government spends money on welfare is pointless. There too many higher ups skimming off the money. Sorry, y’all.

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  • Im getting 2,900 and im not even out of work. Im gonna take it. Its my money anyway. I paid way more than that in taxes this year.

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  • Feel sorry for yourself much?
    You sound no better then the lowlifes milking the system.
    Are you that blind?
    Congress and senate voted themselves a pay raise.
    Yes, millionaires in a time of crisis.
    Gave themselves a pay raise.
    And you some chump change.
    Of your own tax dollars.
    Yet your butt hurt over pennys?
    I'm not seeing your logic.

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  • If you dont work and you are within working parameters you dont eat. Any unververal income will make things more expensive. It failed in every experiment yet you want this for the whole country?

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