Lollies and nuts

Of particular interest is sugar peanuts, made from a nutlike pea (it's actually a bean because it's oval), and black neutral throat lozenges, aniseed, menthol and eucalyptus flavour, not very intense, strong or minty but quite strong in soothing a sore throat. I'm thinking in terms of a 250 gram bag of Johnny's Jackpot nuts and I most certainly planned on my itinerary to go there, it's a travel itinerary with photos of any place you want and information on them, the nut shop's next on my itinerary. Further down the line it's a great day out travelling on the bus, eating nuts.
Further down the line still, I choose a bag of nuts/peanuts based on what's to me the most normal, what I get regularly, and my puritanical diet (because it contains spices or sugar); I don't get the beer nuts anymore, I prefer mild spiced nuts and sugary nuts/peanuts. Whaddaya think?

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