Lol at trump "impeachment"

I find the whole thing funny. They could work on stimulus relief since they have the house and senate but they are working overtime to impeach the president on his last week in office. I just find it kind of amusing that by the time they get through all the impeachment hearings he will be out of office anyway. Surely its just for the cameras because they have to be smarter than that.

It makes almost no difference if he gets impeached now.

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  • There is actual real effects of Impeaching President Trump for the riot last week; especially if he is convicted by the Senate (which I believe is a very real possibility).

    1) He can never run for public office in the USA again (not even for the local dog catcher office). This would also likely lead to his having very little, if any, impact on future politics.

    2) He is cut off from substantial funding for the rest of his life from the US Government. I do believe that his Secret Service protection will continue (unless he declines it); but, there are a lot more things funded for an ex-president.

    3) He is most likely to be cut off from the daily intelligence & national/world threat briefing that the President and all ex-presidents normally get.

    Also, there is historical president for impeachment trials to occur after a person leaves office. There's an article out from some Lady who's great great (and perhaps another great or two) grandfather was tried by the US Senate after he had resigned for essentially misdirecting government money into his own pocket. The Lady found out about it during American history class in I think Middle school, and was unaware of her own family history. Note that in that case the Senate did not convict. But he was tried after he had resigned, and never served in a position of respect again.

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    • Mitch shot it down he won't be removed. I also highly doubt he will even run in 2024. He is pretty old and campaigning is very hard physically and he will be almost 80 in 4 years. Its highly unlikely he will run in 2024.

      I do think Trump Jr will run one day tho

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      • Did he make it impossible? The article I read basically said he's gonna filibuster, or just waste time, until he loses the Senate and Biden moves into the white House

        Which if they go through with impeachment then that long comment you replied to will come to be

        As for his son and daughter and other family, I read an article that talked about probably 75% of the companies he does business with are dropping him, including the PGA not using his golf course for their tournament

        Just imagine how successful Richard Nixon's daughter might have been in running for office, or the child of any other politician whose mental deficits ruined their careers and possibly their finances

        I think it's a real possibility Trump has totally squandered the family fortune

        Not to mention the IRS is probably gonna be on his ass like white on rice

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  • It's a tit for tat

    He sends a riot

    They send shame

    And it's McConnel who has been postponing relief for the election results, not Pelosi

    The Democrats have like 2 or 3 $2000 stimulus check bills already passed in the house

    They may make sure their ducks are in order first but we're definitely getting another stimulus

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    • Wasnt the problem with the stimulus that they refused to take out pointless stuff like millions in funds for pakistani gender programs, and billions in other pointless stuff like researching fallen trees? I thought the republicans said "lets do 2000 but take out the gender programs" and the dems said "no lets do 2000 + gender stuff" and the republicans were like nah.

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      • I'm not sure if you've been following the events as they played out

        They all agreed on the first 1200 stimulus

        McConnel said let's wait and see where we're at in like what 3-6 months

        Pelosi had another bill drafted

        They bicker about what's needed but it became clear no matter what McConnel was stonewalling to wait out the election

        Then McConnel with his majority still in play basically forced a very narrow bill, probably to save money in case Republicans lost almost all control, which they did

        McConnel ignored every bill presented despite several coming from both sides

        Now he's stonewalling until Democrats officially take over Senate and white House

        Now we're more than likely going to get a 2000 stimulus or several smaller checks

        Bernie called for monthly 2000 checks and he's now in charge of the budget

        Mcconnell has basically just been penny pinching this whole time

        The person you should be mad at is McConnel, not Democrats as a whole

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        • What about the mass inflation that's going to hit us? 60% of all printed usd has been printed within the last year.

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          • I have thought about that

            I heard the stimulus is a tax credit, does that mean we pay it back on our taxes? Or is it like a credit we've already received?

            I guess my next question would be how that number compares to previous years and the overall trend

            I'm not as knowledgeable as people in charge, but I do see logic in giving people money to stimulate the economy

            Businesses stay afloat and individuals aren't going without and the government should be making some of it back in the taxes associated with sales from that money

            The first downside I see is less money for other things, but as a country we do a lot of like "extra" things we can probably do without for a few years

            And like I said I don't know much, but maybe Democrats can help us recover now and Republicans can help us build our economy up in 4 to 8 years

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  • LOL at Trump never holding office again.

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  • I just want my free check. wheres my 2 g's joe?

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