Loev of my sister

When I was young my parents adopted me then my sister. The first time I saw her I was in love. We were together a lot when we were little. She often tagged along when the guys went places. I loved her so much. We were in love and I think we still are. It was strong and close. It was so beautiful. It still is.

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  • Please don't have a child, the child could be born with horrible mutations that make it suffer.

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    • Well if the sister isn't related to him or his parents just adopted then there shouldn't be mutations. But if he would still go for the sister then they wouldn't be accepted by other people and the community...

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    • They are not blood related. They were both adopted. No worries.

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    • We were both adopted. We are not blod relatives. However we are not that close physicaly. We often slep together, huged an snuggled. We also explored each others bodies and we enjoyed it. We are now both married, not to ne another. The time has pasted for exploring

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    • They're not blood relatives, read the post again

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  • Watch for this post to be removed. They don't like posts talking about incest even though technically and biologically it isn't.

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