Listen to the same track for 5 hours straight

So, I don't know even if this is the right category but ok
Ok, so there's this music track that is very special for me. I don't know why, I just relate to it, even though it doesn't have any lyrics. I already deal with emotional problems, and every time I listen to it, I temporarily fell relaxed, but then I am emerged in thoughts and often end up feeling worse
Last week, I went to a 5 hour long trip with my parents to a nearby city. In the entire travel, I listened to the track in repeat. When we arrived, I don't felt like to even leave the car. Is it normal?
P.s: English isn't my first language, sorry for any mistakes.

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  • That's music abuse, and it's not normal.

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  • Or two swans albums 🥴

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  • i once left 'jesus built my hotrod' playin on repeat for 8 hours blastin in my locked office

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  • Can you link the song?

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  • I think this is important to say:
    We were in the middle of nowhere, in a place that doesn't even qualify as a village + we didn't left the house we were staying at (it was only a family reunion)
    So, don't think I am am a assshole that think Corona is a hoax or that I don't care if I infect people.

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