Life stinks

A forcing into sacrifices, it stinks, I have the choice not to be put in a situation where I don't have a choice. For one thing I can avoid dictatorial countries, for another I could've had equal standards with everyone else and never be quirky in the first place to avoid the curses laid upon me. Curses is a euphemism for the f word, it's used in cartoons because they're not allowed to swear. I say it's all curses, curses to a bullshit man and curses to the ultimate no-fun, it's not cool, it's not awesome, and the ultimate no-fun is a warmonger's control-freak attitude to stop you from doing things when they don't get it, you don't get it, popular stinkiness of the masses is a conference of the angry mob to burn me with torches, it's done by formal assembly when there shouldn't be a war, to keep the peace in Australia is not to do majority rule but to follow the tribe, it doesn't work that way with me and my neighbours, majority and mainstream regurgitation is the perfect opportunity to scream at the workers for their stupid notes when they should be up from the office chair making coffee for me in the morning. That's one way life stinks.

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