Life doesn't seem worth it with no one on my side

Everyone disagrees with me, points out every single time I'm wrong (which is many times every day), everyone nit-picks at everything I say or do. Idk at this point I feel like I'm pretty worthless. I feel like everyone's doormat. I can't speak up because I'm just shot down again "Yeah but, you are wrong!" like if I can never get anything right then I might as well not even be around

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  • Why do you care so much about what others think? Are you a woman?

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  • Not sure why this got so many Normal votes, but then again I'm contrarian. It does feel good when everyone is against you, but it's not THAT bad. It's extremely important to make up your own mind and be able to express your opinions, *especially* in the face of disagreement.

    To me, it's simple. Are you right or are you wrong? If you're right, assert yourself and re-correct them. Being right is as simple as knowing what you're talking about before you talk. If both of you think you're right, you may have to debate about it. Debate about it.

    If you're not sure, phrase your words that way. Put it in the form of a question ("The square root of 4 is 3, I think?"). Don't say it like it's a fact if you don't know it's a fact.

    If you're wrong, then own it and take it gracefully. You learned something and whatever you were wrong about, you know it now. That's something to be celebrated, not hated. If the people around you are drilling into you over tiny shit ("it's 2 dumbass, seriously this fucking guy" rather than just "hm? No, it's 2"), then get them out of your life or minimize them as much as possible.

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  • I've felt the same way for years

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  • You have a different perspective. Don't beat yourself up for that, you mentioned having others to do that for you. Perhaps you switch up your circle to include people more likeminded to you?

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