Liberating gender norms

Ever notice when progressive women point out female gender norms they're actually pointing out the most positive traits in a human? When they describe the "problematic" female gender norms its always actually very positive traits. And the progressive traits they say they stand for and are for equality are just worse traits. Theyre like "Not all women are sweet and caring, fit, beautiful, and want a family. We also come in larger sizes, some of us are also aggressive, not all of us shave our armpits or bath, we have onlyfans."

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  • I dont think it's that they want to have negative traits, it's that they don't want to be expected to be all these things when some of them just aren't. They're not saying those positive traits are problematic, what's problematic is the way people expect every woman to be a certain way. These other traits themselves are not what is seen as progressive, the progessive part is understanding that people have differences and not shaming them for it. Women aren't changing themselves or wishing they had "problematic" traits, they are accepting themselves and the fact that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I think that's great.

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