Levels to racism

Have you ever had racist views but a person said something so racist that it actually made you uncomfortable. Like theres levels to the shit?

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  • Everybody is racist. like masturbation, only some people will admit it.

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  • It’s normal in the sense that it is very important to acknowledge there are different severities and types of racism, just like thee are different severities and types of murder, rape, theft, and other bad things.

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  • At christmas ny uncle was telling a story and said "a n!gger that pulled up beside me at a redlight, had a fat white bitch driving and commented on the rebel flag on my truck. Said its time to move on. Yall lost the war. Get over it" And then goes on about how he tried to provoke him because he had a revolver in his door panel and always wanted to blow someones brains out.

    I told him thank god you didnt become a cop.

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  • Ye ye before. Like, not going to lie, I notice the crime diferentials between ethnicities and that, but sometimes some mad shit comes through.

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