Letting things go instead of fixing them

Is it normal to stop using things after they break, instead of fixing them? Couple examples, the kitchen faucet breaks so you use the bathroom sink. Dishes pile up so you get microwave dinners or takeout, clothes piles up so you just wear the same thing everyday. Toilet stops working so you use a bucket and plastic bags. Why, because you're too busy or worried about stuff. Not because you're a hoarder, because it's a temporary situation.

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  • I get the concept, but there are some things that you just can't leave.

    Also, temporary fixes are a bit like debt, I'm learning through my own attempts to 'adult'. They're temporary. Debt has a nasty habit of mounting up. You have to sort the problem out eventually or you'll be paying dearly for what was perhaps initially only a small issue - and maybe by this time you'll have a number of them all at once.

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  • nah shits eays to fix and i got nothin better to do when im home

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  • Things that break usually have to be fixed or replaced.

    What really irks me the the amount of stuff you buy today that cannot be effectively repaired.

    I just ordered a new laptop computer yesterday. The reason is that my existing $1600 Microsoft Surface Pro laptop is glued together and was not designed to replace the battery.

    Perfectly good computer otherwise (good RAM, Memory, and fast enough)... Its just that the battery is dead.

    While a few private shops have mostly developed a method to change the battery. They are not yet to the point where they can guarantee that your Surface Pro computer will work when they are done (of that they might not break the screen in the process).

    So I just ordered a $1100 Dell 14" laptop, where I can replace the battery (and modify the RAM and Storage) along with repair of many other things if needed in the future (fan, wifi card, etc).

    I don't mind having to repair the faucets every few years with the normal wear parts and seals.

    I do hate to abandon an otherwise perfectly good laptop computer because the battery was never intended to be changed.

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  • I get it if you actually cannot fix it, even then you should preferably ask or hire somebody to fix it (also get if you cannot afford to hire someone). And while something is still broken, you of course need a replacement. But I never could imagine ordering takeout solely as a way to avoid doing dishes (not against takeout all together, but its certainly the exception), its just a given that you have to do them.

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  • No, that's stupid and lazy.

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  • Yeah but if your toilet is broken you can probably use a bucket of water to flush still. Just dump a bucket of water in there.

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  • Don't really see the problem with it.

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