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  • Not OP, but for folks who don’t know, his most recent stunt was tweeting the following
    “ I'm a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I'm going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE
    The funny thing is I actually can't be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also
    You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda “

    He meant the term ‘DEFCON 3’ when he said “Death con 3”
    DEFCON is the United States Military’s grading system for what level of readiness is to be taken to respond to nuclear war - 5 being the lowest threat, 1 being the highest, nuclear war imminent

    I saw someone call it the : ‘wearing a white lives matter shirt’ to ‘directly threatening Jews’ pipeline
    And I thought that was funny. Though in honesty, the dude clearly has wires crossed in his head

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    • I find it really ironic how if Kanye says something anti-Semitic it's bad. But if a liberal politician says something anti-Semitic, it's testament to the objective evil of Israel and the Jewish people

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  • I dont give two shits about what celebrities do or say.

    I'm not a sheep

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  • I don't even know if Kanye knows what Kanye is doing anymore

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  • Kanye has serious mental health issues he needs fixing. It's as almost as if he considers himself a god. That's not normal.

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  • Kanye is bipolar. He really needs to get on his meds because he's not in his right mind and throwing shit at people left and right. Even people who did nothing to him. I dated a guy once who might've been bipolar. He was the same way when off his meds, loved to start fights for no reason and act immature and think that people are conspiring against him. He's not cool or based even if he's right about certain things and he's obviously not well mentally. Not to mention how he acted towards that dude Pete something when he was still with Kim Kardashian, posting weird juvenile memes about him and crossing him out of photos. That is how angsty teenagers act, especially in posting that shit on social media. He needs to grow up.

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  • I like him about the same as before, so I couldn't vote. I don't respect his opinion, but I respect his right to have one. Some people are just stupid.

    It's been funny listening to the news the last few days, though. Fox News was treating him like a hero over the White Lives shirt immediately before he started tweeting about Jews. After he tweeted about Jews, MSNBC (I think) suddenly had a tirade about how free speech is bad and how Musk is a dastardly, far-right extremist. "He's not a free thinker! That's not what free thinking is!"

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    One guy with a lack of brain cells speaks up and all the others come out of the woodwork to talk about him.

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  • Super based and it shows courage that he talks about the things he talks about.

    But I disavow his last tweet because it could legally be perceived as a threat.

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  • It seems like he's having one of those periods where celebrities say and do really weird and sometimes fucked up shit. I never cared for him in the first place, but I genuinely cannot comprehend how "all black people are Jewish" could ever make sense to anyone.

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  • Is this about his white lives matter thing?

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  • He’s just a bit… extra
    I can’t knock his career, prolific. As a person, polarising for sure.

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  • Leave Kanye alone!

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