Let’s do another game

Come on y’all! Let’s suggest questioning games again. Or just go ahead and post one! DO IT. ENTERTAIN ME.

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  • Hmm, we’ve done never have I ever and 2 truths 1 lie. What about a game like the TV show Would I Lie to You? We tell a ridiculous fact (or lie) about ourselves and people question us about it to work out if it’s true or not then guess if it’s a truth or lie. We could make the rule that after 3 people have guessed truth/lie you have to reveal whether you were lying.

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  • my game at home is to periodically yell SQUIRREL and watch the dingo go batshit

    its even more fun cause sometimes there really is a squirrel

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  • Impersonations and you guess who it is of??

    Everybody makes a post and you guess who made it??

    Skulls has a good idea too

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  • What is this!??!?!?!?!!?

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