Left someone dramatically, but still wish they are okay

So awhile back I flirted with this person. And it got pretty intense. And we were really hitting it off. Until we weren't. And we had a falling out. Then we reconciled. Then we went through several cycles of breaking off all contact, and coming back together.

It got very toxic by the end, and a lot of harsh words were said on both sides. Nothing extremely extreme, but I think that verbally, we both threw in all our arsenal of insults to completely hurt each other's feelings. (Nothing racist nor extremely offensive was said: we are both not that type of people.) But other word combos were used that... looking back... sound extremely hurtful. And I know I am guilty of hurting their feelings as well. But they also hurt mine. So eventually I cut them off for good.

And I have moved on now. (And some of our mutual friends still hate that person.) But... I'm surprised to find that I don't.

I actually hope they (the person I had been in an intense flirting and later shouting match with) I hope they are happy and okay. I hope they found what they were looking for in someone else. (Because I cannot provide that for them.) And I hope their life and career is doing fine. I hope they are healthy. Hope they eat well and hope they get to spend time with their pet.

Is it normal that I'm no longer upset at them? That I wish them well, despite how things ended between us. (And no I don't want to get back together with them. It is clear to me now that we simply are not compatible. We have different needs when it comes to intimacy.)

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