Least trusted mainstream media country

A recent study shows that only 11% of Americans trust televised mainstream media. Which is far lower than any western country on earth. Does this surprise you?

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  • I don't even know what the "mainstream media" is, because half my mainstream media says they're not mainstream media.

    I wonder where the percentage was about 7 years ago, because I get the feeling recent events had a big hand in destroying trust.
    - Election coverage (Trump can't possibly win) followed by (how did Trump possibly win?)
    - Trump coverage (Trump did something else today, so we can forget about what he did yesterday. What do you mean his tweets aren't on the same level as him bombing Soleimani?)
    - The Impeachment coverage (we're impeaching him TWICE... hello?)
    - Covid coverage (masks may or may not work, vaccines may prevent something or nothing maybe or not or no probably yeah but if you get sick anyway I'm sure you'll be fine, getting covid may or may not be no hazard to your health, collecting data is hard, we may have to just live with it or something idk)
    - Biden coverage (he's doing a great job and has stemmed the vir- oh he got the virus, don't worry he has a ton of vaccines, he doesn't need a bunch of extra treatments like Trump did...)
    - Ukraine coverage (we need Ukraine to win this war, don't ask stupid questions like "how" or "why". If we don't send a small country billions of dollars instead of negotiating, we have excellent, bona fide sources that say Russia will try to take over all of Europe. Also, there's no such thing as nazis)

    Meanwhile, in conservative media:
    - Endless, unabashed, 24/7 Donald Trump asslicking with a little bit of "Biden's doing a bad job" thrown in
    - Something about "the polls." I don't even know who sees or answers those polls, but they always back up whatever they want to talk about.

    Then I walk over to Reddit...
    - We need to stand up over Roe v Wade! Moving to a blue state is completely out of the question!
    - Straight people being afraid that same sex marriage will be outlawed, even though no one's said anything about it...
    - Corporations are bad, but the individual billionaires that manage those corporations are heroes

    I don't know, man. It's like everyone is trying to be contrarian but also part of the crowd at the same time. Violently against one thing without knowing why, solidly in favor of another thing for no reason.

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    • Yes I agree, and theres some things thag neither sides will touch. Like Epstein or the ped0philia texts on hunters phone. In my opinion its almost like they are actually being controlled by the state and are there to strategically divide the country. Why else if you have really good dirt on your opponent would you not release it on the news? Because there is a system there where its understood some things are not to be discussed even if theyre true. Theyre there to support the machine.

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  • The least trusted is either FOX or CNN. They're both equally disliked by sizable portions of the country.

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    • Fox averages 2.23 million viewers during primetime.

      CNN averages 660,000 during primetime

      Fox is the number one most watched news network but even still 2.23 million viewers out of 330 million people in the country is pretty poor ratings.

      Compare that to the superbowl where the average viewership is 112 million.

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      • I'm aware of the viewership both get. I had to focus on news organizations as a whole during my time in college. My original statement was focusing on the political bias that both CNN and FOX utilize. 50 percent of the country hates FOX. 50 percent of the country hates CNN.

        The reasoning for the disparity in viewership numbers is simple though. FOX news has a primary demographic of people above the age of 50. (The last I checked, over 60% of the viewer base met that standard.) A majority of people over 50 are going to lean towards more conservative media companies.

        CNN, however, suffers from the exact opposite issue. The liberal market is saturated with younger Americans who don't watch or read traditional news outlets. Most 20 year-olds claim to get their news from social media or YouTube rather than cable television or the newspaper.

        (Source: Communications and Media Marketing Major.)

        Edit: On a side note, Facebook is also potentially the least trusted media company. Even avid users of the application claim to distrust it.

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  • I'm surprised it's that high of a percentage. Who are these people that trust the media?

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  • Nope. Because they cover up their chosen candidate no matter what bullshit is put on.

    Biden shakes hands with no one.

    Fact check: FALSE!!! he was pointing.

    Bullshit, media.

    That's why people dont trust the news. How surprising the fake news epidemic of 2016 turned out to be "actual" news.

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    • He did the air handshake again recently. This one was even worse.

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