Lasting longer in bed

Whats the best way to last longer in bed

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  • Simple. Don’t get out of bed. Hit snooze on the alarm, better yet don’t set your alarm and—


    you’re talking about sex.

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  • Get circumcised supposedly

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  • Age. I can last much longer now than I could when I was 18.

    Also practice.

    I'm assuming you are male.

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  • If you can control your emotions and separate them from the physical aspect of sex you can surely last longer. You should be able to have sex and still feel like nothing awesome or good is going while still being ready to let yourself go and enjoy the mental and physical.
    It is a balance of not caring and yet caring enough to keep the tent up. No matter how long you last though remember to fully let go once you start to feel numb as if you don't you might be too desensitized to finish.

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  • Be glad for what you can get, I was in bed naked with a hot girl yesterday night and couldn't even get hard because of performance anxiety (fairly new to sex). So we tried and the shit didn't even work! I would have loved 30 seconds haha.

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  • One word:

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  • Masterbate the head until you lose most sensation.

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  • Condoms.

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  • If you are a guy
    Drink alcohol to dull your senses or masturb 4 hours prior to a sexual encounter

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  • Only viagra works well , try with small MG like 50 mg tablet
    And while in the sex :- eat bananas, its like a magic they will give you instant power & stamina .

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  • Many things:
    -have a good diet
    -kegel excersises
    -use lube as the less friction there is the less feeling you will get meaning you can penetrate more and more and only your partner will get the feelings
    -stop and go which is edging to the point where you feel you will ejaculate but you stop penetrating and when the feeling goes down then carry on
    -masturbate and ejaculate first then have sex 20 or so minutes after or have a round 2

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    • -
    • See that's exactly why I dont like lube, takes the fun away, then again lasting longer i sn't a problem for someone who takes d soo yea haha

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  • Watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and copy the grandparents.

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  • Doing what? If you mean sex, are you male or female?

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  • Take paxil plus haloperidol, you won't be able to orgasm for like six hours.

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