Lasting longer in bed

Whats the best way to last longer in bed

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  • Simple. Don’t get out of bed. Hit snooze on the alarm, better yet don’t set your alarm and—


    you’re talking about sex.

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  • Get circumcised supposedly

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  • Be glad for what you can get, I was in bed naked with a hot girl yesterday night and couldn't even get hard because of performance anxiety (fairly new to sex). So we tried and the shit didn't even work! I would have loved 30 seconds haha.

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  • One word:

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  • Masterbate the head until you lose most sensation.

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  • Condoms.

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  • If you are a guy
    Drink alcohol to dull your senses or masturb 4 hours prior to a sexual encounter

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  • Only viagra works well , try with small MG like 50 mg tablet
    And while in the sex :- eat bananas, its like a magic they will give you instant power & stamina .

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  • Many things:
    -have a good diet
    -kegel excersises
    -use lube as the less friction there is the less feeling you will get meaning you can penetrate more and more and only your partner will get the feelings
    -stop and go which is edging to the point where you feel you will ejaculate but you stop penetrating and when the feeling goes down then carry on
    -masturbate and ejaculate first then have sex 20 or so minutes after or have a round 2

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    • -
    • See that's exactly why I dont like lube, takes the fun away, then again lasting longer i sn't a problem for someone who takes d soo yea haha

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  • Watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and copy the grandparents.

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  • Doing what? If you mean sex, are you male or female?

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  • Take paxil plus haloperidol, you won't be able to orgasm for like six hours.

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