Ladies,out of these options which one is the biggest of the deal breakers?

I realize their may be worse ones, but out of these which one is the worst? and yes i realize some of them may feel equally "deal-breakery" but if you just HAD to pick the worst.

Imagine that it's your prefect idea of a man, but he has to have one of these problems, which is the last you'd choose to make hime have? Which is the one you'd have the hardest time dealing with?

And yes yes... some of these may be positives to some, that's ok, we just need the one you dislike the most.

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  • (am girl btw) Eh, none of these are really a deal breaker for me as I also have acne and yellowish teeth so it'd be fine if a guy I liked had them. But then again no one really likes me so :/

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  • Small penis.

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  • Neither of these are a deal breaker to me, but I guess I'll go with underweight.

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  • They’re not all terrible to me but if I had to pick definitely teeth. Mine have always been straight without gaps and white, good genes with that. And I’d feel awkward trying to date someone looking like Austin Powers. Facial things can be taken care of like that and idc to much on weight if it’s not that off but a lack of hygiene type shits kinda gross in any direction.

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    • I can tell you re watched Austin Powers XD
      The medical evaluation with mini me gets me laughing until I'm in tears and out of breath.

      Anyway, I've dated girls with a big tooth gap and I didn't mind that. Girlfriend even has a small gap. But I will agree that very crooked, or bad teeth are very off putting.
      Glad my teeth are good and straight. +1 on the hygiene stuff.

      NOTE FOR OP: Don't bother reading my comment. I am a man and I do not want to spoil your "valuable statistics" XD

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      • I actually haven’t yet been slackin. But those teeth are unforgettable.

        It wouldn’t be a dealbreaker if they aren’t straight or close enough to the rest but yellow and crooked would be off putting for me.

        I’m glad I never needed braces none of mine are crooked or gapped.

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  • I have all of those plus other problems but I have a huge dong

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  • Yellow teeth are gross

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  • physical aspects shouldnt matter, it should be whether they fuck you over, lie to you, cheat etc
    personality over physicality imo

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  • Cant even vote, just cant stop laughing. 😂

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  • WTF?
    Fat is a deal breaker.
    Small penis.
    Mommas boy.
    poor, not bettering his lot in life.
    couch potato.
    to jealous.
    to controlling.
    Or EVER verbally or physically abusive.
    1 yellow teeth, thats fixable.
    2 underweight? By whos standard.
    3 acne, who hasnt delt with that?
    Use some products and get it under control.
    4 dark eye circles?
    Who cares, how are you as a person.
    Character matters.

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  • None, but if I have to pick probably acne, only because it's a possible indication of poor hygiene/habits. still, I'm not that bothered by acne itself, or anything else on the list. Also depends how yellow teeth, most people have yellow (or at least, not very white) teeth.

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  • I choose acne. Forgot about teth. Definitly teeth uhg

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  • tell your man to bleach his teeth if it's such a deal-breaker 🤷‍♂️

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