Ladies, what makes..

Hi, socially inept guy here.

This is addressed to the ladies, but feel free to give an input no matter your gender.

What makes a guy funny or humorous? I know humor in men is considered attractive, and I'd like to know what exactly is it about that trait that makes it so desirable. Also, what do you find to be humorous?

*Let's say a lady fancied a man, but eventually changed her mind about her attraction to him due to his social ineptitude, do you think she might reconsider if the man made some changes?

*Any tips on how to loosen up and be more chill and playful?

Thanks, y'all!

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  • A sense of humor is attractive in anyone, because most of us like to laugh. As to what's regarded as funny by women, we're not all the same, you know!

    If you want to find out what type of humor a particular woman likes, maybe ask her who her favourite comedy actor or comedian is: that would give you some idea of her sense of humor.

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  • I like dry humour. People falling over or doing weird dances doesn't do it for me. Everybody is different though.

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  • Step one: Forget any clever "pickup lines" you may have heard. They're not funny, are never original, and rarely work.
    Two: If you have any of the bad habits of saying "like like like" in the course of a sentence, train yourself to stop. It's annoying and the mark of a small mind. Rapp Speak is another annoyance that needs to be gone.

    Ask about her tastes in music,humor, movies, the arts, foods.

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  • Also steve Harvey free YouTube audio books - “ think like a success” confidence is key 💫

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  • Paul Rudd - his humor is dry witty deep casual sexy without trying. Confident yet laidback- he’s honest - speak Your truth.. say how U feel but without sounding too creepy. Be honest take chances choose joy- be yourself fall in LOve with yourself first ... do things for u.. make yoursElf laugh.. be playful .. start reading books (“I used to be a miserable fuck”)
    the ladies will recognize your self improvement changes and be attracted not knowing why. (Also get a haircut and go get a new outfit that makes u feel good about yourself .. and get a mountain bike and start being active biking) ☺️✨ (that’s what my ex started doing and it worked for me)

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  • It is possible to learn humor, I became a funnier guy by watching people talk and flame each other. Also you can join IIN chatroom.

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  • Trip over some random thing and bump ya head. Chicks love laughing at a guy falling over.

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  • A big part of humor is timing. I also think that there is a certain rhythm to witty comments. I think that this is not unlike someone having the "it" factor. It's something that a perhaps could be learned if the person has some natural skill, and talent, but if someone is truly inept it could very well be hopeless.

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