Lack of attention, or more like, is this why i am so unhappy

What happens when you suffer from a lack of attention from the people around you?

Your family?
Your coworkers?

Let's assume your friends or BF/GF are giving you some attention. Outside that, do you depend on it in other spheres?

For all I know, I'm making this post right now because I'm starving for attention.
People rarely approach me or check in on me or ask me how I'm doing. It's possible I'm just surrounded by people who don't make me feel like I matter.
I find myself trying to 'make myself matter' by being more assertive and chiming in, but it feels off, like I'm forcing it somehow, and in the end, I still feel the same. Unhappy, depressed, not having any sense of fun or connection to the people or work I'm doing. Don't get me started on my family, two of them rarely if ever seek to find out what's going on with me and my life. I guess I could say the same about myself not checking in with them either, I suppose I just don't really care. Maybe that's the root of it all, but the net result is I'm happiest when I feel like people are including or actually recognizing my presence. Making me feel part of things. Not outcast or like I'm just somebody else.

Anyone else feel this way and what did you do to resolve it.

This is not narcissistic/unhealthy attention-seeking.

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  • I think it's relatively safe to assume that the majority of people don't want to be entirely ignored. I do actually enjoy spending time alone, because people in general, and especially family, seem to always disappoint me. What really hurts is when someone ignores me when I'm trying to say something perhaps a little too quietly, and then I start to just feel really alone inside. It's embarrassing, but it has caused me to space out, and dissociate.

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  • It may not be anything you've done personally. It could just be the way society has slowly started to evolve.

    Men have started ignoring women to instead focus on bettering themselves, and women have started to become more carefree. This means no-one really cares about anyone else's problems anymore. We just have to deal with our own issues and seek professional help if need be.

    I'm not saying this to be hurtful. I'm simply saying don't assume these problems necessarily arise from something you personally did.

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  • may be...

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  • Maybe you've got everything the wrong way around. It could be that people avoid being with you because you're a depressing unhappy person. Explore tge reason for your unhappiness and fix it.

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