Knowing when you're completely different

Most of us are similar, but I suppose after three attempts you can become similar, twice I was very different, but I'm not different anymore, first it was with a vegetable frittata and 600ml bottle of Pepsi Max, then it was with a fruit tart and a small coffee, now it's with jam on toast and a cup-sized (regular) coffee and that particular time I got the similarity right, so I was becoming more like everybody else, when before I was very different.

After that, everything else I do is like everybody else, down to my speech and the clothes I wear. Nobody takes differences to be like everybody else, even if they take it that way from themselves. I think I'm not that different, the distinction between normal and different is to be drawn sharply, I'm not a quirky person. The reality is it's all going downhill due to fight against differences and they say it's OK. Yes, but normal is also OK, and normal people take very seriously what's not different, being stuck in your differentness you wouldn't listen to me or believe me if I said I was an exact copy, not different, if I said I wasn't an individual or told you to treat me like I'm not an individual, it doesn't get through to you, and that I don't take seriously, why should I? Why should I waste my time with unique people? Normal people's beliefs are the most dominant, not the individual's!

Further down the line the individuals are going down with the bullshit and no logic gets through to them that I don't wanna be an individual, I don't wanna be different, I'm just like you, because of such bullshit I wanna beat you up for your individuality/differences, anything different or unusual is bad.

Nobody is living in the same world as my neighbours, the normal world, your will to be a crazy person, I think you should have your differences crushed, I think individual is what you should fear, not commonality. I had a samadhi experience with everyone and no one believes I'm you, the same as you, that's a terror, I became normal and therefore I should be proud of it, I should celebrate it, not await its downfall, toxic individualists are putting me down with this bullshit of theirs, hurting my pride and preventing my celebration of what's normal, taking all the excitement away from me from what's normal, I should have people wanting to join me, people welcoming me to the club, not be rejected because individuals want to make everything weird, fuck that and fuck the weird, and fuck you, if you're different, unusual or individual, you're not one of us.

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