Knee maintenance

Since im becoming an old man I have to do these workouts everyday for my hip flexors/abductors. I have this little strap thingy that goes on my ankles and I hate doing it but if I dont do it for only a few days my knees start feeling like theyre grinding bone to bone.

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  • i get synthetic cartilage booster shots (orthovisc) in my knees

    it hurts like fuck to get em the needle goes in 2 inches with an ultrasound monitor & the injection is an awful sensation

    its one shot per knee a week for 3 weeks but it works great

    also its formulated from rooster combs so i got cock heads in my knees

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    • You try physical therapy? Think ive told you this like 5 times but if you get the upper leg and ass muscles stronger it helps. It starts working in a few days for me.

      I tried steroid injections I feel like with the 2nd shot he missed and it hurt like a bitch. Steroids work good on the back but not my knees

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      • im very active but not into dedicated disciplined exercise

        the stuff im gettin aint a steroid its a cartilage replacement

        the earlier you start it the more real cartilage you preserve

        and yeah the shots hurt but only for a minute

        the hard part is bein home for 3 weeks to schedule the whole thing

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        • Yeah I didnt try those shots you got but the one I got sucked

          One day get the straps bro them little ankle straps with the little bands and do it 5 minutes a day you might be surprised.

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  • My boyfriend and a 97 year old woman that I take to appointments get injections in their knees. Doesn't look pleasant but helps for a little while. I went in with the old lady because she can't sit or stand on her own so I watched the whole thing. Its quick but gnarly

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  • There are several issues related to wearing out the knees (and hips are 2nd most common wear out item).

    You really need to have discussions with several different competent Dr's about what is the actual status of your knee (get a good exam and the 1st dr; then get a 2nd opinion from another clinic: both should at least sub-specialize in knees).

    For some Physical therapy works at least for a while; others various injections; and other's yet do best with a replacement up front.

    Note that some of the injections turn your knee into mush - which relieves pain and wear; but making knee replacement harder in the future as the bone is now soft in areas where the replacement people want it to be hard.

    I wish you well with this,

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  • Artificial knee replacements are getting better and better now adays. Including new hips.

    If you are 60 or older you probably arent going to live long enough to need replacement kneecaps.

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    • I got my eye on disc replacement for my back. Ill probably get the lower ones replaced in a few decades.

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