Kicked out of museum for kissing boyfriend

me and my boyfriend were making out in MoMA and after about 5 minutes some homophobic guard aggressively asked us to leave, I only had my hand under his shirt. we left but I think I should talk to a lawyer because we were quiet and not disturbing anyone

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  • So basically, you and your boyfriend were making out passionately for 5 minutes with one hand up shirt.

    Lol! It doesn't matter if you're gay, striaght, or anything. Museums are not for making out, especially so heavy that you had a hand under a shirt; plus, depending on where you live, that can be considered public indenecy. Next time, just look at shit, comment, and leave.

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  • seriously? I'm pretty sure every place has the right to kick you out for that shit, I don't think the fact you were gay had any effect on it.

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  • Why do you have to make out with your boyfriend in a museum? Were you aroused by paintings of Picasso's triangle cocks? Go get a room you disgusting assface.

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  • Sounds like a nice museum.

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  • I'm gay and that had nothing to do with "homophobia".

    People just don't want ANY couple, gay or straight, eating eachothers' faces and groping eachother while they're trying to look around a museum.

    Bloody hell, have some decorum. I hate seeing gays perpetuating the stereotype that we're sex-crazed deviants who have to get nasty 24/7.

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  • It's not homophobic at all. When people visit a museum they're usually there to learn, not to watch two faggots make out. A part of the guards job is to not only to provide security but to ensure a quality learning environment. If a straight couple were making out for 5 mins with there hands near each others genitals, of course a guard would come up to them and tell them to leave. If I went to a museum and I saw a bunch of people swapping spit like no tomorrow, I would leave. You are part of the reason why people hate us. Grow up, we are not victims anymore, no one gives a shit if your gay. -Gay guy

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  • I really don't want to see people making out in a gallery unless it's part of the art on exhibit.. I don't think the guard was homophobic.. I hope he would have intervened whether the inappropriate behaviour was gay or straight.

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  • This is some decent troll bait.

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