Kettle calling the pot black

I recently had someone on here who degraded me for being an idiot and then make his own post to further degrade idiots in general

What he doesn't understand though is that yes, he has the right to think I'm an idiot, but by degrading and ridiculing me he's showing himself to be a jackass

It's like the kettle calling the pot black

But it's a jackass calling another person an idiot

And while there will undoubtedly be people who agree with him, like other jackass

There are other "idiots" like me and of course the morally and spiritually developed people who understand the hippocrasy in someone who thinks they're better and who tries to degrade people

If you were really superior to me, you would help lift me to your level

It's like this movie I saw once. I forget the title, but it's set in the 70s and it's about these college students going to some tribe of cannibals and a search and rescue team looking for them

Almost everyone calls this tribe of people savages, and the movie sets the audience up to think the same. But by the end of it, you realize that this tribe of people is like the quintessential prehistoric human civilization that WE ALL developed from, and the people saying they're savages are shown to do things like carve the shell off a living tortoise and relish cruelty wherever they go

There's no reasoning with them either, they have guns and other societal advancements so to them there is no question, it's their birthright to wipe the earth of things they deem unsuitable to inhabit it and to rape the earth of whatever resources they deem necessary

The question the movie wants the audience to ask themselves though is who are the real savages?

You'd have to watch it to understand they're not stereotypical cannibals, I forget the full context but it's more or less you fuck with them and they tie you to their culture's cross and do the deed.

Now I do think cannibalism is wrong and I wouldn't do it, but I can see how prehistoric people could act upon that, like how Egyptians could worship the sun and human animal hybrids and a plethora of other things that would make sense in their time and world but not for me in mine

So the point I'm trying to make about this person, it takes a really shitty and underdeveloped attitude to criticize those you call idiots, basically putting you in a different place, sure, but a similar level of your worth as a human being, assuming the idiot is underdeveloped as you (but the same assumption doesn't need to be made about you since you're going out of your way to be a jack ass)

Like the quote to err is human, to forgive is divine, we're all gonna fuck up through out our lives, but it takes an objectively good person to truly be okay with people for who they are

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  • I really don't see the point in getting emotional over what a complete stranger says on the internet. It's easy to just ignore them and move on to another post instead of wasting time and energy over nothing.

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  • Tldr toughen up buttercup

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  • Lol.

    Firstly I was not calling you an idiot, I was calling you arrogant. (some of us know who you are by your writing style, btw)

    Since you are apparently having a rough patch in life, I'm gonna try not to kick you further down. But like I said on the other post, when you act like an ass people tend to respond in kind.

    It's not normal to be this bothered by it, and it wasn't my intent.

    Also, bold of you to assume Im neurotipical, popular, or think Im better than anyone, if that's what you were getting at with the allusion.

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    • You kept going to have the the last word on that thread though

      I keep seeing you try to moral high road me and fail at it

      Do you see where I'm coming from?

      And I don't care if people know who I am. I don't know you since you're using a new name. And I never said you're neurotypical or any of that

      You're failing at trolling right now, most people on here are smart enough to see through bull shit like that

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      • Last word on the thread? I thought it was an open discussion. Besides, you posted at least 2 passive aggressive follow up stories.

        The way I see it, youre coming from a place shrouded by personal emotions so I will let you have that.

        Im failing at trolling because Im not trolling at all.

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        • I only did 1 post

          There was a post about not talking with idiots, I thought that was you and the reason why I made this

          Either way we can all agree this started with you commenting on my post about talking with people 🤷

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            I made a joke post along those lines, in response to that^
            But considering the circumstances, I rescind.

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  • Grow a thick skin.

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  • Theres only one person that calls people stupid on here and its the only time they post they have many usernames. Every post theyre calling someone stupid. Its just a troll. Just block them then the next person who says it block them too because its same person

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  • Yes, it's quite common for people to be hypocritical. I personally wouldn't take too much stock in what a random user here thinks of you, though. They are just an Internet stranger and you know what they say about opinions.

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